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The Torbay Police Choir was formed in 1972. In its modern form, membership consists of a proportion of retired police officers and civilian staff, but also has a roughly equal number of members from all walks of life.

Currently there are almost 35 active members in the choir, but there is no upper limit to numbers so anyone interested to learn more about choir membership please select  the "Contact Us" tab.

The objectives of the choir are:

Raising money for charities and other good causes. Charities ranging from local Cancer Charities to the Children of Chernobyl.

To promote the love of music and singing, and bringing many different genres of music to the public.

The choir does not limit concerts to the local area of Torbay. It has made two visits to its twin town of Hameln, and also visited Hamburg, Eindhoven and Maastricht. In late summer 2012 the choir travelled to Shropshire to perform. In November 2013, the choir made their third tour to Hameln in Germany, and in May 2014, the choir performed with the Beaufort Male Voice Choir in Ebbw Vale South Wales. In September 2015, the choir returned to Germany to sing with a choir from Simmern on the river Rhine this concert was a great success and the church was full, afterwards a lively social occassion was given by the choir before we returned to our hotel.

During 2017 the choir had been to Berlin, to perform at the Berlin Police Choirs, Spring Concert. This concert was a huge sucess and a wonderful time was had by all. It is hoped that one day they will make a return visit to us in Torbay.

This October the choir once again returned to Wales and joined with the Beaufort Male Voice Choir where a great evening was held by all with a large appreciative audience attending. the Beaufort choir have been invited back to Torbay in the not to distant future.